5 Signs You are Falling for a Bad Boy

5 Signs You are Falling for a Bad Boy

It is true that you can’t predict that how your new relationship will turn out to be and it is wrong to judge a person before you know him well enough. But there are certain habits or qualities about a person that you really need to consider and analyze because they may be the things that would have a negative impact on your relationship. There are chances that you are aware that the guy you are falling for is wrong for you, but you fall anyway. Here are 5 signs that you are falling for a bad boy.

1. He has a past cheating record

If you are well aware that the guy you are falling for has cheated on his previous partners a few times and you are still not worried, then maybe you should think twice. A person who has cheated once or more than once could possibly do it again. You should decide if loyalty is at the top of your priority list. If yes, you must rethink about falling for this guy.

2. He is into many open relationships

If a guy believes in the freedom of open relationships but you are a person who believes in commitment then you are falling for the wrong guy. If this guy’s basic ideology about relationships doesn’t match yours at all then how are you planning to date him?

3. He curtails your freedom

If you have already realized in the beginning stages of your relationship that this guy is very possessive and always tries to dominate you and have a say in all decisions, beware of the bad boy at hand. You need to be very sure if you are ready to be with this guy who is going to totally invade in your personal space and take away your freedom.

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