6 Strangest American Foods

6 Strangest American Foods
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What Americans might find, normal, delicious and very much edible is quite unappealing to the palates of consumers from other countries. The flavor combination, texture and the idea of having it on a regular basis feels irksome. Here are some of the 6 strangest American foods.

1. Deep fried Oreos and cheese

Having milk and cookies together is a very popular American snack and seems perfectly normal. But deep frying biscuits? Its as though you are making a conscious attempt to add those extra pounds. The confusing flavors can be a serious let down for many.

2. Garlic ice cream

Garlic has a very strong, pungent flavor; adding that to your beautiful, succulent, creamy and light ice cream would be like a slap on the face. It just destroys the beautiful taste of the ice cream. Not that one hasn’t heard of bold dishes but this is pushing it to the limit of absurdity and lack of sense in flavor combination.

3. Maple bacon

There are many people who like to keep savories as savory food rather than meddling with it and sweet flavors for dessert preparation. The combination of maple and bacon is quite bewildering.

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