7 Surprising Uses for Honey

7 Surprising Uses for Honey

The sweet, nature’s blessing collected as nectar and prepared by honey bees has innumerable boons for a healthy and wholesome life. Whether it is for your beauty, nourishment or for health, a drop of honey does wonders to you! Here are 7 surprising uses of honey.

1. Helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing

Honey is used to moisturize dry skin. Massage your face with 1 table spoon of honey, let it dry for few minutes and wash your face. It is also used for facial and spa treatments.

2. Helps you slim down

Although honey is a sweet product, it is useful for weight loss and slimming. Add two teaspoons of honey to a glass of luke warm water, squeeze half a lime and have it as soon as you wake up. It helps you with constipation and makes the process of weight loss faster.

3. Good for sore throat, cough and cold

Honey works wonders to cure sore throat, cough and cold. You can take it with brandy and hot water, substitute it for sugar in your herbal tea or you can make a paste of basil leaves, turmeric and honey and have it as a homemade cough syrup. It soothes your throat and gives you uninterrupted sleep.

4. Helps to cut out the hangover effect

Milk chocolate or any sugary snack increases the effect of alcohol but honey on the other hand, when mixed with warm water cuts down the effect of alcohol and helps you feel refreshed and less heady in the morning.

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