5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Always Expect Your Boyfriend to Pay

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Always Expect Your Boyfriend to Pay

Are you the kind of girl who thinks that a perfect boyfriend is one who pays for you always on every date and occasion? Well, the clichéd forms of expressing love and impressing your partner have become passé, and men these days don’t really like the idea of paying all the time.

Here are a few reasons for you not to expect your boyfriend to always pay:

1. It puts pressure on him

Such expectations put pressure on a guy, making him feel that you are doing this to test whether he is serious material or not. What you may think is basic chivalry might not actually be taken too well by him. He might think that relationships are about two equal people sharing their lives together, with equal amounts of give and take, rather than a list of expectations that one person has about the other.

2. Makes you come across as dependent

Men prefer strong, independent women over dependent ones. If you are earning and can fund for yourself, then you most definitely are an equal player in terms of spending on dates. Why should he be cutting down on his luxuries to keep you happy? You should be confident, self-sufficient, and understanding towards your partner, who for all you know might be missing his bachelorhood spending habits!

3. Guys don’t speak up

It is a common tendency for men to not speak up when they something bothers them. So even when they know they are short of money and cannot provide you with the fancy date you are planning, they will beg and borrow money from someone else, but will never tell you about their situation. Sometimes it’s not about keeping you happy, but about avoiding unnecessary confrontation. If your man is struggling with finances, it’s not kind to expect him to pay all the time.

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