8 Great Makeup Tips for Spring

Great Makeup Tips for Spring

While we bid farewell to the chilling cold of winter, lets greet the wonderful season of spring! Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party! You don’t have to worry about dry skin or oily skin. This is the season when your skin is at its best. The makeup you wear will stay and be unaffected by the weather. So let the beauty of spring show on you as well. Here are great makeup tips for this spring to make you look prettier than you are.

1. Dare to try bold colors

Corals, bright oranges, reds and pinks are the shades that are “in” this spring. Go experimental with these lovely colors of spring. An orange lipstick goes perfectly with almost all skin tones. Hence, it is most recommended. You can settle for a shade of orange that you are most comfortable with. If you think you can pull it off, dare to wear an electrifying orange shade and carry it off proudly.

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2. Try out floral colors

You can try floral colors this spring to add a look of freshness to yourself. Your look can be that of a beautiful flower that has just bloomed this spring. Orchid and lilac shades are beautiful for spring. Pinks are also very feminine and beautiful. They are apt for this season.

3. Create high definition eyes

Retro eyes are perfect for this spring. Use graphic angular shape methods to wear your eye liner both on the top and the bottom of your eyes. You can even wear smoky eyes this season to highlight your beautiful eyes. They look intense and really stunning.

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4. Wear shimmer and glitter

This spring, use glitter in your makeup to add more glamor to your look. You can do so by wearing a lipstick that is shiny or by wearing an eye shadow with some glitter dust. You could also settle for a glitter eyeliner if you think you can pull it off with elan.

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