9 Best Buys at 99 Cent Stores

9 Best Buys at 99 Cent Stores

99 cent stores are a bargain hunter’s dream destination. If you are a college student living on a tight budget or a housewife trying to make ends meet, this is the place for you where you can get food items, vegetables, fruits, household goods, toys and much more for 99 cents. It is a virtual treasure trove if you know what exactly to shop for and how to go about it.

1. Groceries.

Organic soymilk, flax seeds, bags of beans, dry onion soup mix, cut vegetables and fruits pack, instant noodles packs and cups and canned soups are some of the things you can buy here. They are good, but make sure you check the expiration date. Vegetables like onions and tomatoes are a good buy and are definitely a couple of dollars less than in other stores.

2. Spices

A bottle of ground pepper for 99 cents and many more spices like cinnamon. They are pretty good and are a kill for just 99 cents.

3. Toys

Apart from soft toys they also have Puzzles, board books, and coloring books. It is safe now after they recalled many of the unsafe plastic toys.

4. Gift items

Gift wrappers are a great buy here and there are many options to choose from. There are also the cute little boxes to put your gifts in. Also available are cookie boxes that come in bright colors and holiday themed especially around Christmas and Easter. There are so many cute little things here that you have to be careful you don’t buy them all.

5. Tableware and Beer Mugs

They have a good selection of table ware and these cheap but good ones come in handy when you have kids and an unruly dog in the house – bowls, plates, coffee mugs –and all at 99 cents apiece.

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