7 Lessons to Learn From Celebrity Breakups

7 Lessons to Learn From Celebrity Breakups

Breakups are a part and parcel of most celebrities’ lives. Everyday you hear about another celeb couple splitting up. There are some love lessons out there for laymen to learn from these high profile love affairs gone sour. Check out some of the mistakes you shouldn’t make in your love trysts like these celebrities did.

1. Don’t marry if your gut says no

Russell Brand stated in an interview recently that from the moment when he was about to tie the knot with songstress ex-wife Katie Perry, he felt something just wasn’t right. The marriage felt shaky from the start. So if your gut feeling or intuition tells you that there isn’t much hope for a relation to grow, it’s probably correct and it would do you good to follow it.

2. Don’t get a tattoo of your partner’s name

There are just too many celebrities here to mention who have committed this error. In the craziness of love and the initial feel good phase, many celebs have tattooed each other’s names on themselves and regretted this action later when the relationship went down the drain. Never ever tattoo your partner’s name.

3. Don’t date Casanovas

This is the mistake that countless female celebrities have made. When you date a man who has been with numerous women, you are setting yourself up for trouble by thinking that you will be the last one for him. Take the example of John Mayer who dated beauties like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Perry, etc., and broke all of their hearts.

4. Don’t make your love life public

Popstar Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were engaged to be married but due to intense media scrutiny which took a toll on their relationship, they decided to call off the engagement. Ashton Kutcher recently stated in an interview that he would not make his relationship with Mila Kunis public and let it suffer. Your love life comprises only the two of you and involving other people in everything that happens between you is sure shot trouble.

5. Don’t make things dirty when there are children involved

There are so many celebrity divorces like that of Kelsey and Camille Grammer or supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal, which were pretty rough to say the least. They washed their dirty linen in public and became bitter enemies bad mouthing each other. Move on amicably when there are children involved because every child hates it when their parents despise each other, especially when the family’s secrets are on public display.

6. Don’t marry expecting the person to change into what you want

Tom Cruise probably thought that his obsession with Scientology, which supposedly drove away ex-wife Nicole Kidman, would rub off on his next wife Katie Holmes. But even after 6 years and an adorable daughter, Tom couldn’t make Katie believe in Scientology enough and she filed for divorce. The lesson to learn here is don’t marry the person you wish to have, marry the person as they are.

7. Don’t go from rebound to rebound

Jennifer Aniston and Britney Spears have been guilty of the rebound game. Since Brad Pitt walked out with Angelina Jolie, Aniston jumped from one guy to the next, before settling for beau Justin Theroux last year whom she is all set to marry. Britney was in the spotlight for her high profile relationships with first love, Justin Timberlake and later, husband Kevin Federline, before she went on the rebound with a string of guys. Give yourself time to clear your mind by staying single for a while instead of jumping from one man to another.

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