5 Advantages of Being a Single Parent

5 Advantages of Being a Single Parent

While it might seem like a matter of misfortune to many people when they see a single parent family, it is not really so. Society has always thought of negatively about single parent families as people have set images of unhappiness, incompleteness and bitterness associated with them. Single parent families are almost as normal and happy as other families and there are some ways in which they are better than double parent families.

1. No regular fights and squabbles

The number one advantage of being a single parent is that you are not subjecting yourself and your kids to a negative atmosphere full of fights, arguments and abuse. Most married couples fight at least once a month or even every alternate day. The kids are obviously terrorized and irritated by such squabbles and everybody’s mental peace goes for a toss.

2. The child grows up as you want him or her to

You make all the decisions about parenting. The sole onus of bringing up the kids is on you and this is something most mothers do anyway. In fact most mothers also have to take care of an adult baby; their husband, which they are very well without. You get to decide the rules of the house, the values to instill, when to start teaching them stuff, etc. In short, there is no one else interfering in your ways of nurturing the kids.

3. You have space and independence

Another big advantage of being a single parent is that you get to have a room for yourself and thus gain space and independence. It is not only about the room but also about the fact that you can do what you want without having to always inform your partner about the details. So you can plan out a lunch with your gal pals, sit in your pajamas all day long in front of the TV on holidays or simply pursue a hobby. These things are easier said than done when you are living with your partner as there is literally no time to spend by yourself.

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