8 Tips to Develop Sense of Humor

8 Tips to Develop Sense of Humor

Not every person has a funny bone. Not every person can make others laugh. A good sense of humor plays an important part of personality. In fact, having a sense of humor can make a person friendly and also reduce stress. Listed below are some tips to develop a sense of humor, read on.

1. Observe people and situations

To develop a good sense of humor, a person should have a good observation power. Most funny moments of life are inspired by people and situations. Finding those moments will really make a difference.

2. Develop good communication skills

A person cannot be shy if he/she wants to be funny and friendly. So, it is important to develop good verbal skills. Talk to many people and get inspired by them. A person can also make friends and joke around with them. There has to be a good comfort level to develop funny skills.

3. Read funny quotes and jokes

The easiest way to be funny is to read funny things. A person should read funny books and quotes. Books and jokes act as an inspiration. This really helps to develop a sense of humor. A person can also read funny comic strips.

4. Watch funny movies

Another way to develop a sense of humor is to watch funny movies. There are many such situations in movies, which can help a person to act funny. Watching regular comedy movies can help a person understand wit and humor.

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