Top 5 Ways to Get Close to Him

Top 5 Ways to Get Close to Him

How easy or difficult is it to get close to a guy? You need to be smart enough to be able to anticipate what the guy you desire likes and hates. You will have to know him good enough that you know the exact tricks to bring him closer without showing that you are actually putting effort to do so. Listed here are the top five ways to get closer to him.

1. Be his friend

First and foremost, you need to be his friend. You have to be with him not as a lover but as a buddy as that is what will keep you close without commitment based inhibitions. You need to talk to him as friend, hang out, even play games together so as to know him better. A guy opens up more easily to a friend than to a lover. You have to mingle with him and try to become his best buddy without whom he will not be able to imagine life.

2. Identify what makes him happy

You need to exercise utmost care and notice what the things are that he loves and which things turn him off. If you observe him carefully and are a good friend of his, you will understand how he reacts in certain situations and eventually will be able to figure out what makes him happy and what not. No, you need not follow him all the while. Just by being together for a considerable period of time, you will be able to figure this out yourself if he really likes you.

3. Share your hobbies

You really need to know what his hobbies are and must tell him about yours. The very fact that you share what you love with each other will bring you together. If you show interest in his hobbies, however unusual they may be, he will begin to like you as a person. Go out and actually take part in certain hobbies like rock climbing, cycling, swimming and so on, and he will enjoy being with you because you are also doing things he loves. Invite him to a book club if your hobby is reading books, share with him what books you like and recommend him some books.

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