5 Reasons Why Office Romances are a Bad Idea

5 Reasons Why Office Romances are a Bad Idea

Romance and love has its place anywhere and everywhere. It’s the most beautiful emotion that you can cherish and enjoy. However, even romance needs to know its boundaries. There are many who believe that mixing personal and professional life can be as disastrous as mixing your drinks. May be for a while, it will be a bed of roses, but eventually there will be many conflicts of interests, slandering and rumor mongering. Here are 5 reasons why office romance is a bad idea.

1. Special favors and treats

If you are a superior or the boss of the person you are in a relationship with, things can get very muddled. If you extend any kind of help, show appreciation, give leave or make accommodations for the person even for a genuine reason, others around will see it as a personal bias; while those capable of receiving good reports will always be under scrutiny.

2. Negative remarks on appraisal

If it comes to light that you are involved with someone in your office, your appraisal might be affected. Your boss may think that you are a bad influence on your colleagues and if there is any reason for you to under perform on a given day, the blame is pinned on your personal relationship.

3. Clash of the titans

Sometimes lovers find themselves at war footing. They might be equals at work, but if someone is more appreciated and valued, it could create a rift in their personal life. Egos can be badly injured and tempers could fly high.

4. Pink slip!

In some work places, romance and relationships are forbidden like in college or school. The teacher-student relationship has no room for romance. If caught, the teacher could face immediate expulsion and find themselves behind bars. Romance could become a risky affair.

5. Too much time together and too little apart

Being at home together, then office, there is very little time that you spend apart. Work and relationship can just look the same. There is no feeling of really coming home to someone. People tend to fight more often, have arguments, and it is impossible to separate the two lives.

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