10 Ways to Stay Awake

10 Ways to Stay Awake

Sometimes your mind and body may feel dull and drowsy. This is due to lack of sleep and fatigue. This has a really bad effect on your health as well as on your daily personal and professional life. Your ability to concentrate diminishes drastically and you tend to falter. To avoid all this, here are some cool and effective ways to stay awake.

1. Take a walk

A walk is a good idea to stay awake. Just get up from your seat and get your legs moving. Doing some activity helps in blood circulation and energizes your body. And you can’t fall asleep when you’re walking, right?

2. Let your eyes rest

Sometimes, strain on the eyes can also lead to drowsiness and fatigue. The trick here is to give your eyes some rest too. Nowadays almost all jobs require staring at the computer screen for hours on end. So close your eyes for a few minutes and relax or just look outside your window for a change of scene. You can also do some circular eye movements with your eyes shut to relax them.

3. Splash cold water on your face

A splash of cold water on your face will immediately wash away all the sleepiness and drowsiness you’ve been feeling. Also splash some on the inner side of your wrists.

4. Go for a short nap instead

A short nap strictly means that it should be short and be a nap. That is, it should not last more than 30 minutes. But resort to this method if you really cannot resist the urge to sleep. When you get up, you will feel refreshed.

5. Listen to music

Put your headphones/earphones on and immerse yourself in listening to some fast heart pounding music. Listening to some fast tracks will get your brain back on track and make you feel energized and awake.

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