18 Signs of Depression in Children

18 Signs of Depression in Children

The very word ‘childhood’ evokes feelings of happiness and innocence. Hence it may seem difficult to believe that children can become depressed too. But it is a reality that you need to face. A depressed child needs help and he doesn’t know how to ask for it. So it’s up to parents and other caretakers to recognize the signs of depression in children so as to provide them with timely help and guidance. Here’s a list of 18 signs that may mean that your child is depressed.

1. Your child feels sad and gloomy most of the time and often without any concrete reason.

2. Your child experiences a strong urge to cry without an immediate reason.

3. He/she prefers to be alone and tries to isolate himself/herself from close friends and family.

4. He/she is irritable and angry most of the time, and often without reason or explanation.

5. You find a change in his/her sleeping patterns and habits. It can be that they start sleeping too much or too less.

6. You find a change in his/her eating patterns and habits. Either they start gobbling everything they can lay their hands on, or almost starve themselves.

7. Your child finds it extremely difficult to accept even the slightest of rejection or criticism.

8. You realize that your child is frequently complaining of stomach aches, headaches and the likes.

9. You find yourself trying hard to convince him/her to participate in activities and things that he/she earlier enjoyed doing.

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