5 Myths About Hangover

Myths About Hangover

A fun night drinking with friends or a rocking night at a pub- all may be fun in the process, but it can leave you high and dry with a terrible hangover. Sometimes the hangover lasts for days. All of this results due to excessive alcohol consumption. You might have heard of several ways to deal with a bad hangover, but some advises are not tried and tested and merely turn out to be myths. Here are 5 myths about hangover

1.Popping pill

Symptoms of hangover include bitterness, severe throbbing headache, feeling of tiredness and listlessness. You just cannot get up from the bed, instead have to drag yourself around. What you really need is something sharp and hitting like citrus or lime juice to cut down the alcohol effects. Popping pills only make you more sleepy and drowsy. Moreover, pain killers can cause side effects to liver and the liver function is as it is weaker with alcohol in your body. So pills certainly don’t help!

2.Drinking more alcohol!

Two minuses make a plus but there is nothing positive about consuming more alcohol when you are already trying to get out of it. It might just subdue the pain and make you more lethargic but the effect does not wear off as the alcohol has not been flushed out of your system.

3. A hot cup of coffee

A hot cup of coffee is a soothing and even makes sense in your head. However, the coffee content in your coffee will just hit your head more. Your heart rate increases and you don’t feel any better.

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