5 Steps on How to Get Smokey Eyes

Steps on How to Get Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are relatively easy to achieve if you follow the right makeup steps and have the right tools. We have given here step-by-step instructions on how you can get the smokey eyes look.

1. Prep the Eyes

For your makeup to do you some good, you have to make sure your eyes are trimmed and ready! Wash your face with a mild face wash. Make sure your eyelids are grease-free. It is best to apply some concealer for under-eye circles, if you have them.

2. The kohl and eyeliner

Bottom and top rims of your eyes need to be highlighted with kohl and eyeliner. Once it’s done, you can smudge the line using a brush. Smudging the bottom lash eyeliner is up to you depending upon how smokey you want to look! It is important that the shape of your eyes is precisely outlined in this step.

3. The Base

The best way to get a smokey look is to pair a light base with a bright hue. Light colors such as taupe and pearl can make good base colors. It is also best if this base has little shimmer to it. Apply the base on your eyelids and let it dry for some time.

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