5 Ways to Avoid the Seven Year Itch

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If you’ve been married for over seven years, then you might have probably known the term. Fortunate are those that haven’t experienced the phase. Marriages are the coming together of two personalities and their own sets of idiosyncrasies. It is but natural for frustrations, troubles and other complexities to set in after a specific period of time. However, this can happen at any time and the term ‘seven year itch’ is a general connotation used to refer to this common issue. At times, this could be healthy for it can lead to amicable resolution for a happy life ahead. But at other times, this can blow out of proportion and disrupt marital harmony. So what are the ways to avoid or keep a check on it.

1. Address issues immediately

Usually, the first few months or for the lucky ones, the first few years are considered the honeymoon period where the partners in a relationship tend to love each other unconditionally. The flaws are excused and they are never a big issue. But it’s only after this honeymoon period that the flaws blow out of proportion. Relationship experts say that instead of letting simple issues brew over a long period of time and finally explode, it is better to settle them as and when they arise.

2. Communicate

It is an inevitable fact that the initial passion in the relationship fizzles with time. You tend to take each other for granted and all of a sudden only the flaws of your partner loom large. Your man is no longer the most attractive or sensible of men you once knew. Every time you notice an issue, talk about it in a mature and sensible manner rather than rant, grunt and fume. Men are more likely to understand a short and simple conversation instead of showering blames on accumulated problems. At any point in time of your relationship, never stop talking to each other. It only worsens the problem.

3. Give others your time

Many times when a relationship begins, you only seem to have time for your man and he might have also reciprocated your feelings. This is natural and is also true that in time, this kind of overwhelming commitment dwindles. It is always better to include time in your life for your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and neighbors in order to stay occupied and less insecure. The moment you bid goodbye to other relationships in your life, you tend to becomes parasitic on your man since he is then the only person you think is in your life. While it might be important to spend quality time with him, give yourself the luxury of other relationships so that you don’t crowd or suffocate him with your fantasies and realities.

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