7 Reasons It is Wrong to Judge a Book By Its Cover

7 Reasons It is Wrong to Judge a Book By Its Cover

Just like you need to delve deeper and start reading a book to form your opinions, you need to know that people are more complicated than books. You cannot judge them based on external features. Here are 7 reasons why it is wrong to judge a book by its cover.

1. First impressions are obscured

Sometimes you see people in a situation where they are shouting, behaving in an inappropriate manner or conducting themselves in a very unfriendly fashion. There could be many reasons behind such an outbreak of theirs. On the contrary, you may find that some people don’t like to be very outspoken in the first interaction. Based upon such a random interaction, you can not tell the nature of a person.

2. Stereotyping a person based on the way they talk can be a faux pas

A lot of people talk less, do not mingle easily and you tend to assume that they are unfriendly, obnoxious and snobbish. For all you know he or she is only uncomfortable or has a lot playing on his or her mind. Take other factors into consideration before you stereotype a person.

3. Appearances can be deceitful

People who are experimental in their outward appearance may not necessarily have a bold or revolutionary outlook towards life. Sometimes people who have a simple sense of fashion are more liberal in their thoughts and actions.

4. When you interact with the person you can know them better

If you judge people by their appearance and by analyzing them from a distance, you might never get to really know them. Hence it is better to get first hand information by engaging in meaningful conversation.

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