5 Signs You are Meant to be Together

Signs You are Meant to be Together

He is a part of your dreams and also someone you see daily. He makes you feel special and beautiful. In his company you fly like a free bird. He makes you smile and dance. Each moment with him you feel energized and rejuvenated. He gives you a purpose to lead a happy life. In spite of all this there are times when you may not be sure if he is the one meant for you. Some tiny undefinable hitch is holding you back from taking a step forward. Find below signs that indicate that you are meant to be together.

1. Best Version of you

If you feel like he brings out the best in you, you can laugh, cry, jump, dance, over react, not react, blabber and also be quiet in this guy’s company, then he is the one. There is a comfort level and an unspoken understanding between you two. Every situation does not need to be explained.

2. Certain little Gestures

If a guy has no hesitation what so ever in showing you off as his girlfriend or fiance, he wants you to meet and get to know his family and friends, then this is a sure sign that he is not messing around. The guy takes your opinion and advice on matters that are important and at the same time respects your decisions. He remembers birthdays and anniversaries and also celebrates them with you, then he does really like you.

3. The right amount of Attraction

Attraction can either be infatuation or a possessive desire to want you all the time. If the guy shows the right amount of attraction, trusts you to hang out with your male friends, gives you enough space to continue with your normal life and hobbies, then it is a good sign that he is committed to you for a long time.

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