5 Mistakes Most Girls Make After Breakup

5 Mistakes Most Girls Make After Breakup

The time after a breakup is hard for any girl. Whether it was you who ended the relationship or whether it was you who got dumped, either way the end of a relationship is always hurtful. However, the pain that you’re feeling can cloud your judgement sometimes and lead you to make mistakes that you may regret later on. Outlined below are some of the post-breakup mistakes that you should try your best to stay away from.

1. Calling and/or visiting the ex frequently

This is a mistake made by a lot of girls to whom the end of the relationship came completely out of the blue. Most girls do this because they are still trying to understand why the breakup happened in the first place. This behavior will only seem clingy to your ex and can even be perceived as stalker behavior. You don’t want to end up with a restraining order in addition to your broken heart, do you?

2. Letting themselves go

Yes, you definitely need time to grieve after your heartbreak but that grieving period should not involve a month long junk food fest. Ice cream, chips and alcohol are not the best ways to recover from the end of a relationship. Sure you can have a pity party that lasts for about a week or two but one that carries on for over two or three months is just keeping you from moving on. Exercise is a great substitute for junk food when you don’t want to feel the pain and anger.

3. Getting back with the ex too soon

Many girls tend to rethink their decision about breaking up and get back with their ex within a week or two, especially if they were the ones that called off the relationship. This is one thought you should definitely avoid, especially if you’ve had a boyfriend who was emotionally, financially, or physically abusive. Don’t go on a guilt trip. However, if it was an amicable breakup, give yourself at least a month or more to think about the real reason why you broke up before giving it another shot.

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