20 Things We Can Only Learn From Our Friends

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They say he who has the most number of true friends is the wealthiest! We give you a list of things that you can learn only from your friends.

1. How to party

Now this one needs no explanation! Nothing makes a party more enjoyable than the company of good friends.

2. How to wake a person up who is fast asleep

No matter how good a sleep you are having, if your friend wishes to wake you up, he/she will. Be it by splashing water on your face or by making you smell his/her sock!

3. How to play pranks

We have all been at the receiving end of some funny pranks that our friends managed to pull off! Who else can teach us this important lesson!

4. How to laugh at inappropriate moments

You know it’s your friend when you hear a giggle at a situation that DOES NOT permit anything more than remorse or sadness.

5. How to enjoy a hangover

Waking up with a hangover alone is far more annoying than waking up with a hangover when your friend is in the same house.

6. How to make everything seem a bit funnier than it really is

Whenever something funny happens to you, you will find that it somehow seems funnier when you narrate the incident to your friends.

7. How to forgive

It is impossible to have a lasting friendship without a friend who forgives easily.

8. How to sleep during a lecture

You can always rely on your friend to teach you all the possible ways in which you can catch up on some sleep during a lecture.

9. How to prepare for an exam in 10 minutes

We have all had that one friend who studies just minutes before the exam and still manages to score well. Don’t we?

10. How to be there for one another

Needless to say, this is one of the essential qualities that make you call someone your friend.

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