5 Natural Detox Drinks

5 Natural Detox Drinks

With the kind of frenetic lifestyle we lead today, we tend to give in to our not-so-healthy food habits. One effective remedy to rid our body of these accumulated toxins is the popular detox therapy. It helps you cleanse chemicals, purify blood and restore your digestive system to its full capacity. Here is a list of natural detox drinks and their health benefits.

1. The lemonade drink

The basic blend of lemon, ginger, honey and lukewarm water is a tried and tested morning remedy. Lemon in its core nature consists of citric acid, which assists in cleansing the body from within. The lemonade drink is a relatively quick and simple detox drink, ideal for those who face time constraints.

2. The vegetable detox drink

If you don’t prefer eating your greens, try drinking them. This drink combines a proportionate mix of raw vegetables that are easily available. Carrots, cucumbers, beetroot, spinach, celery and cabbage are mixed with water and blended into puree. It not only helps in cleansing your digestive system but also aids in restoring it.

3. The fruit detox drink

This drink is the tasty way out to a natural detox. Orange – high in vitamin C, pineapple – rich in essential nutrients, pomegranate – contains anti-oxidants, and lemon – increases metabolism. Fruits are high in fiber content and are infused with vitamins and minerals that make them ideal detoxifiers.

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