5 Fashion Trends Guys Hate

5 Fashion Trends Guys Hate

You may find yourself beautiful in a specific dress but the same may be a put-off for your boyfriend. Learn about those fashion trends your boyfriend hates if you want to stay away from wearing it on a date or for impressing him.

1. Leggings

This is a very popular attire amongst women. Very comfortable and convenient but many research studies show that most guys either have no idea what it means or hate the sight of it. Although they are fitting, guys feel they ruin the otherwise beautiful legs. Jeggings are leggings that come in denim fabric and are ghastly and not just abhorred by guys but also are a fashion disaster as per fashion experts.

2. Neon Colors

Women love vibrant colors and many of them feel neon is the color of the season. But your boyfriend may find it otherwise. A great majority of guys find neon colors repelling. Neon screams immaturity and works well only if you are under twelve years old or if you are visiting an 80s retro party. Vibrancy in colors is good as long as you don’t step into a neon shade.

3. Harem Pants

Not only do they keep your boyfriend away but they are also one of man’s worst inventions. They neither have any shape of their own nor do they render any justice to the wearer. They are ugly to look at and they are best worn if you want to camouflage your feminine traits. It is little wonder if your boyfriend cannot stand the sight of it.

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