6 Reasons Why Girls Want to be Thinner

6 Reasons Why Girls Want to be Thinner

Being beautiful is one of the strongest drives for people around the world! According to a research, nine out of ten teenage girls are unhappy with their body. A lot of people believe that thinner girls have more friends and are liked by more people. Most of the times, fuller women dislike their extra pounds. This is probably because they think that men don’t like obese women. Here is good news! The fact is that most men like curvy women! Obsessing about your weight is unappealing to men. It is true that some women can be more obsessed and concerned with their weight as compared to other women. Here are some reasons why some girls want to look thinner!

1. To look more attractive for men

Every girl wants to look beautiful or attractive. A lot of girls are willing to compromise with their health to look leaner but this can be very dangerous. Some girls also want to look slimmer so that they can attract more men. Everybody wants to have maximum options and then to choose the best one out of them!

2. To be the object of one’s attraction

Most of the girls want to be the apple of everybody’s eye. They want to be known for their beauty. Beauty and a good body can bring along appreciation for girls.

3. To fit in all types of clothes

This is one of the main reasons why girls want to look thinner. A leaner body allows them to wear everything including skirts, jeans, leggings, dresses, etc.

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