5 Codes of Conduct to be Maintained After a Breakup

5 Codes of Conduct to be Maintained After a Breakup

While breaking up may seem a tough task to many, it is the crucial time right after a breakup which people want to fast forward. Those few weeks or months are when you are back to the single life and don’t quite know what to make of your ex. There are certain untold universal codes of conduct that you ought to maintain after a breakup. They are listed here.

1. No contact for a few months at least

Love often fades away and what remains between two people is often the habit. They get so habituated to each other that it gets difficult to imagine life without talking to the other. Whether the breakup was amicable or a bitter one, remember that not staying in contact for a few weeks or months thereafter may seem like a task but will prove to be beneficial for you to discover your lost self in the long run. If needed, unfriend them or block their number because the more you see their presence, the more you will feel like talking.

2. Don’t wash your dirty linen in public

Don’t bad mouth your ex in front if the whole world. Don’t spread nasty rumors about them, spill the beans on their secrets and various quirks or irritating habits. If you do want to confide in someone, you can tell it to a person or two you are most closest to and whom you can trust. Just like you wouldn’t like to hear rubbish being spread about you online or in real life by your ex and his party of people, the same way he wouldn’t too.

3. Don’t stick around with his family and friends

We women being more social than men tend to maintain bonds even after they are no longer of any value. The reason why you were on good terms with his friends and family was because you were with your ex. It will only make matters uncomfortable, irritating and awkward for you, him and his party of people if you continue to be proactive about maintaining relations with them. Don’t be rude; be cordial but not friendly as such.

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