4 Easy to Make Gifts

Easy to Make Gifts

Handmade gifts hold infinitely more charm than store bought. The receiving party will cherish your thoughtfulness and creative ability, and DIY gifts often cost next to nothing to make. You want to be sure that your gift will be of use, however, as well as pleasing to look upon. These gifts are surefire crowd pleasers; try them out for your next birthday party, bridal shower, or just about any other occasion.

1. Hand Print T-shirt

Super easy to make, and so personal! Buy a solid colored T-shirt and make hand prints with fabric paint. If your gift is for an expectant mother, get a child to help out – they’ll have a lot of fun fooling around with paint, and you will get adorable tiny hand-print decorations.

2. Colored Bath Salts

It’s super easy to make bath salts in exotic, whimsical colors. All you need are Epsom salts, some food coloring, a bottle or jar, and a pretty ribbon to tie everything together. You can even add a few drops of chamomile or lavender essential oils to make an extra special gift.

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