6 Diseases Women are More Prone to Than Men

6 Diseases Women are More Prone to Than Men

There are a number of diseases which although affect both sexes, are more rampant among women than men. Vice versa, there are also some diseases which men are more prone to suffer from than women. Let us have a look at the diseases and disorders you should stay away from.

1. Osteoporosis

Although you may be mistaken to think that this particular disease is a women’s exclusive one, it is not; it only seems so because of the tendency of it to afflict women much more commonly than men. While 1 in every 4 men has a chance of contracting this painful ailment, 2 in every 4 women are prone to it.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes has been found to be more deadly for women than men. In recent years, the mortality rate for diabetes is higher for women than it is for the male sex.

3. Breast cancer

A fortunate thing here for women is that apart from cancer of the breast, every other kind of cancer affects men more brutally and frequently than women. While cancer was thus considered a men’s only domain, recent times have brought about awareness of this deadly cancer which affects women 10 times more than men. Studies reveal, the reason why women are more prone to contracting breast cancer is that women have more breast cells than men and they grow at a faster rate. As a result, cancerous cells tend to multiply at a much higher speed in case of women than in men.

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