6 Tips to Get Out of The Friend Zone With a Guy

Tips to Get Out of The Friend Zone With a Guy

Sometimes it is hard to realize that you have developed some romantic feelings for your best friend. And when you realize it, it becomes difficult to get out of the friend zone you both share. Various questions run through the mind, as “How will you confess it to him?” Or, “Will you lose him as a friend?” Listed below are some tips for this situation.

1. Show him a different side of yours

Now, that you have realized that you love him, you need to show him that. You are his friend, but slowly you need to behave like his lover. Give him indications that you are into him and that you consider him more than a friend. Replace your boring clothes with stylish and feminine clothes. Get a hair makeover and change the way you use to dress up. He will definitely notice the new you and may even compliment you. This really helps to break the ice.

2. Ask him his preference

While talking to him, ask him about the ideal girl he wants to be with. Ask him about the nature and character he is looking for in a girl of his dreams. When you are aware of all those things, it will become easier for you to decide if you are his type. You can then start getting comfortable with him talking about your feelings regarding him and come out of the friend zone.

3. Let him know that you understand him

Tell him that you are aware of all his likes and dislikes. Have a patient ear, when he has to say something. Always be there to support him or cheer him up. Give him the emotional support that he needs. Gradually he will think about the compatibility that you two share. And, he may develop the same feelings, so wait for the right time.

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