5 Things to Do If You Feel Trapped in a Relationship

5 Things to Do If You Feel Trapped in a Relationship

Relationships can be a tricky affair. You enter into a relationship with an idealistic notion that you are going to enjoy years of togetherness, share common interests, do things that couples do like watch movies, be with each other during trying times and enjoy every moment. It takes a lot of trust and mutual respect for a relationship to survive and when these elements cease to exist, the relationship becomes stifling. You feel caged and need to escape. Here are 5 things that you can do if you are trapped in a relationship.

1. Ask for some space

You meet your friends and they get the impression that you have disappeared from the face of earth because you are always seen with your boyfriend. You don’t realize that you are spending too much time with each other. If you are with someone who is understanding then explain to him that it’s important to spend lone time and hang out with friends, and not limit each other’s socializing time.

2. Take a break

Taking a break can be an extreme measure but sometimes out of frustration, you feel very angry, you vent it out on him as your punching bag. You have work but he wants to spend time. To make him see what he is doing, you need to press the pause button. Don’t communicate for some time and see if there is a way to recovery.

3. Visit a relationship counselor

If you feel you are not able to work it out on your own and you end up in an argument each time; the love is still there but the relationship is gravely affected then ask for help from a neutral friend or a counselor. Look at things from a different perspective and see if you can fix it.

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