5 Qualities a Good Wife must Have

 Qualities a Good Wife must Have

A woman plays the role of a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. Out of all these roles, a wife’s role needs to be played carefully as that is the only relation which is bounded by a legal paper. You need to have some skills and qualities to keep the marriage intact. Husbands expect their wives to have all the good qualities if possible. To retain the spark in your marital life, check out 5 qualities every good wife must possess.

1. Show him the love

Just as women love to be pampered, men too love to be loved. So, do not withhold your love by not expressing it. Spend most of the time with him, caress him, hug him, kiss him and make him feel happy. Praise and compliment him frequently. Give him occasional gifts and throw surprise parties for him. Make him enjoy your company and make every moment special.

2. Give him his space

Some wives just don’t let their husbands enjoy anything except their company. Understand that your husband has a life other than you. He is a son, brother, a friend and a person with a social life. If you want him to love you more, do not interfere in his space too much. He will respect you for that and love you more.

3. Be pleasant and smiling

Every husband loves to have a smiling wife. After a hard day at office, if he is greeted by a grumpy wife, nothing irritates him more than that. So be pleasant, warm, kind and caring. Even if he is stressed out due to some problems at work, a pleasant approach from you can help him relax.

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