5 Christmas Activities For Kids

5 Christmas Activities For Kids

Christmas is a great time to enjoy and celebrate with your kids. It’s holiday and celebration time in the air. Apart from the gifts that your kids will receive, don’t you think they should involve in something more fun and frivolous this Christmas? So head over to the 5 Christmas activities that we’ve suggested for kids.

1. Games

When isn’t it a good time to play games? Since Christmas is round the corner, there is all the more reason for you and your kids to indulge in some fabulous Christmas games. You could play games like present scramble where you have to wrap a small present in a small box and keep wrapping it up in bigger sized boxes until you have those. The game starts when a kid selects a number from 1-6 and all the kids start rolling the dice one after the other. When a kid comes up with the chosen number, they will open the wrapping. This can go on till someone opens the box with the actual gift.

2. Coloring books

There’s something about colors that attracts all kids. So get your little one a box of colors and watch him/her go crazy with colors! There are various types of coloring books and pages available like Angel, Santa, Christmas tree and so on.

3. Online games

With the Internet, your child can have a gala time for Christmas. They can either decorate a virtual Christmas tree or solve Christmas puzzles, unscramble words or simply play an online version of Hangman! But make sure you supervise them while they are on the Internet.

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