6 Beauty benefits of saffron

6 Beauty benefits of saffron

Most people know that saffron added in a glass of milk and consumed everyday helps in achieving a fairer and glowing skin. However, not many people know that saffron is capable of doing a lot more than just that. For a long time now, saffron has been an ingredient in a lot of beauty products that are available off the shelf, such as creams, face washes, lotions etc. Here are some of the amazing beauty benefits that you can gain with the help of saffron.

1. It makes you fairer

You can mix saffron in milk and apply it all over your face generously. Let it be there for about half an hour before washing it off. This is a natural way of making your skin fairer and radiant. Boil the saffron in milk for the color to come out properly, and then use the cooled milk for application purposes.

2. It reduces acne

Saffron has natural anti-bacterial properties that help in reducing acne and blemishes from your face. You can make a paste of basil leaves and saffron to apply on your face, and its regular application will reduce acne and acne spots. You can also add milk in the mixture for added benefits.

3. It reduces dark circles

Soak saffron in a little amount of water overnight. The next morning, add a little amount of coconut oil to it. Then apply the mixture under your eyes and massage gently. Do this regularly to fade away dark circles. When you apply this mix as a mask on your entire face, it helps to exfoliate the skin and improves blood circulation as well.

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