9 Mistakes You Should Not Commit While Shopping

9 Mistakes You Should Not Commit While Shopping

Every woman and girl loves shopping, that’s a universally known rule and fact. But did you know that there are common shopping mistakes that most of them tend to commit? So to warn you, following are the mistakes that you should steer clear of while shopping.

1. Following trends blindly

It’s one thing to follow a trend and another to follow a trend without logical thought. The term trends itself signifies that they will pass after a period of time. They will never stay for long, but the clothes you buy will remain at your home for a much longer period of time after the trend fades away. What will you do about those outfits then? It’s better to have some staples too like a pair of straight cut jeans, white shirt and a black dress.

2. Buying something after your friend

Your best friend may have bought a mini dress for herself, but before you run to get it for yourself, think: Will it suit my body type? Do I need it? Mostly, friends influence a lot of our choices, shopping included. But don’t let them force you into buying something you don’t want to or need to. Also, avoid going shopping with an impulsive buyer who has 10 shopping bags with her. Looking at her will only make you insecure and push you into buying unnecessary stuff.

3. Going to a shop without a list/plan

Besides having money, you should also have a list of the things that you want to buy before shopping. This will prevent you from spending an entire day in the mall and never being able to drag yourself out. If it’s 5 items on your list, then get those and move out of the store.

4. Getting attracted to the discount or sale price

Discounts and sales are meant to attract you with their attractive pricing methods. But you shouldn’t be lured into buying what you don’t need just because its rate has been slashed by 50%. This way you’ll just gather stuff that you don’t really need.

5. Buying impulsively

Seeing a perfect red dress at the window display may make you lose all self-restraint and go running to buy it. But hold on just a moment. Do you really need that dress? Or has it just caught your fancy due to its exclusivity? More often than not, this is impulsive buying and it’s best if you stay away from it.

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