7 Benefits of Gooseberry Juice for Skin

7 Benefits of Gooseberry Juice for Skin

Gooseberry is an edible fruit that can be eaten as well as cooked. It is also used to make pickles. Gooseberry has a lot of health benefits for the skin, hair and the body as a whole. It has a tangy taste and can be either eaten raw or had in the juice form. It can also be pickled if you want it to stay for long. It is always better to drink it in juice form as it is tin this form that you get the most nutrients from the fruit. Gooseberries are also filled with antioxidants and vitamin C which helps boost your immune power. Here are some of the benefits of Gooseberry juice for your skin.

1. It gets rid of unwanted tan

The Vitamin C in gooseberry juice is great for your skin and when you mix it with honey and drink it, it gives your skin a healthy glow. Applied as a face pack, it helps get rid of tan and whitens your skin naturally. It also helps lessen the pigmentation caused by acne and pimples.

2. Anti-ageing Benefits

The anti-oxidants in gooseberry juice help keep your skin firmer and prevent premature ageing. It is also good to get rid of age spots and other age related blemishes on your skin. Drinking gooseberry juice every morning gives you a younger glowing skin.

3. Helps get rid of dark pigmentation

Your skin might lose its glow and you will find dark patches on your face or under the eyes when you have a vitamin deficiency. Gooseberry with its Vitamin C and anti-oxidants prevents this from happening and reduces hyper pigmentation caused by deficiencies. You can either drink the juice to get results or apply it directly on to your face.

4. It tones and tightens skin

The collagen that holds your skin together decreases as you age. But do not worry as the vitamin C in gooseberry juice increases collagen production making your skin firm. It also tones and tightens the skin around your face and other areas where skin tends to sag a bit as you age.

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