5 Tips On Wearing The Color Blocking Trend

5 Tips On Wearing The Color Blocking Trend

The color blocking trend has created waves in the fashion world since it hit the ramp internationally. So you may ask, what’s so great about this trend? Well, this trend lets you be creative with your fashion sense. It lets you experiment with all those once-considered-loud colors into your closet and have fun with them. It gives you another reason to express yourself in bright, solid colors. Color blocking is all about wearing complementary, yet contrasting solid colors. So what are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon for we’ll tell you how to wear the color blocking trend and look classic.

1. Wear colors that pair best

Even when we are telling you to go crazy with the colors you wear, there’s a need to throw caution to the winds. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown, do you? Always wear colors that belong to the opposite sides of the color wheel such as pink and yellow, black and green or orange and purple.

2. Don’t overdo

A trend looks one when it’s worn sensibly; otherwise it’s just a fashion disaster. Even here you should be careful of wearing only one color blocked item in your outfit. If your dress is color blocked, wear it with nude pumps. If you have a color blocked tank top, pair it with casual denims or a boyfriend jacket.

3. Accessorize well

Another trick to pull of the color blocking trend is to complement your whole look altogether with appropriate accessories. On a fuchsia dress, you can wear black, nude or metallic accessories. Yet again, keep it simple. Just wear a simple pendant or a pair of earrings to keep the attention on your dress and balance your look.

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