5 Basic Scalp Care Tips For A Healthy Scalp

5 Basic Scalp Care Tips For A Healthy Scalp

Scalp care is as important for you as taking care of your body and hair. For healthy and shiny hair, you must not only take care of your hair, but also your scalp. Since the scalp holds the roots of your hair, it should be given proper care. Most women worry about dull, thin or oily hair. Such problems arise due to improper scalp care. Hence, here are some basic scalp care tips that keep your scalp and hair healthy.

1. Washing

The first and most important step in scalp care is to keep your scalp clean by washing it regularly. Washing not only cleans your scalp but also lessens clogging of pores. Thus, you should use a mild shampoo to wash your hair twice a week.

2. Scrubbing

You can use a scrub once in a week to remove the dead skin from the scalp. A gentle face scrub can also be used for this purpose, to make your scalp healthy.

3. Avoid scalp rashes

Scalp rash is one of the major reasons for hair loss. If you are losing hair frequently, you should check for tiny red rashes on the scalp. Using medical shampoos with zinc components can treat these rashes. If the problem persists, you must visit a dermatologist to treat the rashes.

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