6 Healthy Foods to Eat on the Go

6 Healthy Foods to Eat on the Go

When you travel or commute a lot, you may eat whatever comes your way without thinking whether it is good or bad for you. And your health may take a beating if you don’t eat the right foods. Here are a few foods that you can eat to stay healthy when you are on the move.

1. Salads

A salad is a versatile dish which can work as your lunch, evening snack or dinner, depending on the ingredients and dressings you choose for it. While you are traveling, eating salads can be a good choice as they will be light on your stomach and will prevent lethargy. A salad will also help you to include all the necessary fruits and vegetables required to have a balanced diet. Take your pick from a variety of salads including Mexican salad, Caesar’s salad, Russian salad, Egg salad or a simple Lettuce salad.

2. Pita roll

Pita bread is known to be good for health and can be easy to eat while you on the go. It can give you your share of vegetables, meat and cheese for the day. The best part about pita bread it that it can be rolled into a wrap, which makes it easy to eat and carry while you are traveling. Pick a stuffing of chicken, spinach or hummus in your pita roll as per your taste.

3. Fruit smoothies

When you are on the move, it is ideal to pick foods that are cheap, filling, easily available, yet extremely healthy. You can drink a fruit smoothie in a flavor you like and consume your share of yogurt and fruit while traveling. Fruit smoothies are refreshing and can fill you up easily. Buying fruits from the market and eating them can be cumbersome and time consuming but buying a fruit smoothie will give you an instant intake of many vitamins and other nutrients.

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