7 Side Effects of a Bad Temper

7 Side Effects of a Bad Temper

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Bad temper is nothing but a way to remove your frustration. What happens after that? Well, nothing. Situations remain the same. It is only the person, who suffers both physically and mentally. Bad temper can cause stress, which in turn causes health problems. Enlisted below are some side effects of a bad temper.

1. Stomach disorders

Did you know that a bad temper could cause stomach disorders? It might cause problems like chronic constipation and indigestion. It might also cause acid reflux in some cases. So, think again, before you shout next time.

2. Headaches

A person who has a bad temper is more prone to headache. Temper causes a rise in blood pressure level, which causes headache. The best way to control a bad temper is to count ten. This really works in tough situations.

3. Heart diseases

Constant bad temper causes stress. That in turn causes heart related diseases. In fact, it has been proved that people with a bad temper are more likely to suffer from a heart attack. Do practice simple stress relief tricks to prevent the problem.

4. Mild depression

Bad temper also causes mild depression at times. Stress and anger are correlated, this takes a toll on health. It is better to stay calm and practice relaxation. Depression might also cause other health related issues in the body.

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