Why Are Friends Better Than Relatives?

Why Are Friends Better Than Relatives?

“A single rose can be my garden, a single friend can be my world” – Leo Buscaglia

Friends are like colors of rainbow, adding beauty and fun to our dull life and revitalizing it. We can not imagine even a single day without them. Life is fun if we have friends around. Why is it that our secret emotions like the excitement of our first date, anxiety after a breakup and fury after a fight are shared with friends and not our sister, brother, mother or dad? It is said that a good friend is the nearest relation. Let’s see how our friends prove to be better than our relatives.

1. Sharing secrets is easy

A friend is someone who knows all our hush-hush matters which we can not expect our relatives to understand. We confide in our friends all the secret matters of our lives and also the ones which we would not want to be disclosed to anyone.

2. You can be yourself

We can be our true self with our friends unlike the case with our relatives. We are expected to behave in a certain way when we are with our family. A way that is more socially acceptable. But, with friends, there are no such rules and regulations.

3. There’s a wondeful understanding quotient

Because we are of the same age and have a similar way of thinking, our friends share our point of view and our troubles. They share a similar lens to view the world. But our relatives, especially our elders, have been a part of a different generation and have a different perspective to life. As a result, there’s a wonderful understanding quotient between our friends and us. With our relatives, it’s exactly the opposite.

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