5 Age Defying Makeup Tricks

5 Age Defying Makeup Tricks

Just because you’re aging more and more with the passing of every day, does not mean that your heart is growing old too. You may still feel young and act accordingly. But sooner or later, the signs of aging start to show on your skin. This can be an extremely big letdown especially for people who like to live like a young lady. So, here are 5 age defying makeup tricks, perfect for you.

1. Use two colors of eye shadows

As a person starts to grow old, their eyelids get swollen and lose its depth and definition. The best way to bring back that depth is by applying two colors of eye shadows. One should be a lighter color (such as gold) and the other should be slightly more dense (such as bronze). Swirl both the colors together with your brush and apply them on your lids.

2. Plump up your lips

The production of collagen slows down with age and causes lips to shrink and become smaller. In order to get fuller lips, apply lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip and draw it along the bow of the upper lip. The gloss attracts sunlight and helps you revive your lips by plumping them up.

3. Use the right lipstick

Many people start to lose the youthful glow they once had on their skin. Hence, the skin starts to look washed out. The best way to hide that is by swiping an a soft yet easily visible shade of lipstick before going somewhere. Experts say that “berry” is the most universally flattering shade. Adding such a color of lipstick helps to warm up your entire face tone.

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