5 Tips for Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

5 Tips for Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses

Why just match your dress and accessories alone, when you can look beautiful with a matching eye color too? Also, a colorful eye can be a good change if you are bored of your mundane look. In brief, wearing a colored contact lens will definitely jazz up your style quotient. Colored lenses are also available with disposable options, so you can change your eye color frequently depending on your mood, season, dress or even your skin tone. Check out 5 tips for wearing colored contact lenses, as this might help you understand what to consider before buying and using it.

1. Consult with an eye specialist

Changing eye color has become like changing clothes today. So, you just get colored lenses even without any prescription. But, remember, all lenses are medical devices. So, it is always better to seek an eye specialist’s prescription to buy colored lenses. This applies even if you do not have any vision problems. In that case, you can ask for plano contacts and avail the advantage of changing your eye color without the corrective prescription.

2. Choose the right color

Choosing an appropriate lens color is what some find confusing. When you choose a colored lens, be careful to choose a color that goes right with your skin tone or your hair color. If you have an olive colored skin, instead of choosing a light color, go for a brighter one. If your natural eye color is brown, you can try amber-brown or hues of red for an impact. You can add more depth and mystery to your looks by choosing blue, green or grey shades. So, enjoy the new look with the right color choice and make a new style statement.

3. Choose between temporary and long term options

It is always better to choose well-known brands of contact lenses. You can go for temporary or long term colored lens options depending on your need. If you are planning to wear a colored lens for a long term, it is better to go for disposable ones as changing it every day will prevent protein deposits to build up on them. Again, if you want a colorful eye only during specific occasions, annual replacement color lenses would be enough.

Another option you have is the colorful crazy contact lenses that come in weird and beautiful designs. Especially during Halloween, people tend to use more crazy lenses for that perfect spooky look. However, incorrect use and unhygienic practices of using lenses can lead to severe eye infections or even blindness.

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