5 Ways to Build a Secure Attachment with Your Child

 Ways to Build a Secure Attachment with Your Child

Right from the time your child is born, it is important to form a secure attachment with him/her. As your child grows, recognize how he/she is changing and find out how best you can be in tune with him/her. This will keep the connection between you two strong and help bring about a healthy emotional, social and intellectual development of your child. Here are some ways to build a secure attachment with your child.

1. Be responsive

To enable your child to feel safe and secure, it is important that you respond to your child’s physical and emotional needs. However, being responsive does not mean you need to be there for him/her at all times of the day and night. It just means recognizing their needs and fulfilling them in an appropriate manner. Your responses to the kids at the time of need will let them know that they are important to you. This will secure the bond between you and them.

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2. Be sensitive

When interacting with your child, be sensitive. Your emotions should be in harmony with that of your child’s needs. If your child is distressed or unhappy, you should not ridicule it. Instead, express your care and support. Your nurturing attitude will help your child to feel accepted and comforted. Rough reactions will make the child feel unworthy of your time and love. Remember to talk in a soft and soothing voice and be empathetic.

3. Be available

Spend quality time with your child. This will help strengthen the bond and provide an opportunity for joyful interaction between the two of you. Being physically and emotionally available for your child is the best gift you can give him/her.

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