5 Advantages Of Dating A Werewolf

5 Advantages Of Dating A Werewolf

Werewolves – the recently famous creatures from the Twilight series – roam the earth in the garb of humans, such goes the myth. They are basically half human and half wolf-like but the energy and strength that they possess is much higher than humans as well as wolves. Their behavior, mannerisms and attitude change significantly as soon as they convert themselves into a werewolf on full moon nights. What if you ever fall in love with a werewolf? What if you start dating a werewolf? Well, the whole idea may seem ludicrous and strange, there are certain added advantages of dating a werewolf.

1. They give you a feeling of protection

The werewolves are strong and muscular manly creatures. You will definitely feel protected while dating a werewolf. They have great sense of smell and can easily locate you. If you ever get into trouble, do not worry as the werewolf would reach you in no time and with his immense physical strength will save you from all dangers. A werewolf not only protects you from human miscreants but also safeguards you from evil and voracious vampires.

2. They are sexually satisfying

Werewolves are full of animal instincts; therefore, they are more passionate and sensual. This feature of the werewolves makes them sexually satisfying for their partners. You will definitely receive pleasure in abundance and be bowled over! Werewolves behave mostly like humans, but are just more aggressive than humans.

3. They age gracefully

Will you ever want your partner to remain young forever while you get old? Like normal human beings, werewolves do age accordingly. However, there is a catch. In order to age, werewolves must not convert and must adapt to human life. Thus, since they age along with you, you will not get a feeling of dating a weird creature but will experience a natural bonding.

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