How to Take Care of Eyelashes?

How to Take Care of Eyelashes?

John Keats said that “Beauty is a joy forever” and how true he was indeed. Long upturned eyelashes add to the beauty of your eyes and set several hearts to flutter. Long and lush eyelashes increase the sensuality of your eyes. It is no wonder then that women all over the world pine for long and curly eyelashes. Thus here are a few tips that are easy and at the same time very effective in helping you attain those luscious eyelashes you have always dreamed of.

1. Don’t neglect them

It is very unfortunate that women tend to neglect their eyelashes or rather pay very little attention to them. It is very important that you care about them just as much as you care about your skin. Just like skin you should always keep them clean thoroughly so that no remains of dust and makeup (primarily mascara) are left. There are several products in the market like cleansers that are meant only for the eyelashes. The next thing is moisturizing them. You can use anything like olive oil or castor oil for the purpose, depending on your choice and viability of the product. These two primary steps help your eyelashes to remain healthily.

2. Avoid damage

Usually many of us have a habit of rubbing our eyes. This is very bad for the eyes and at the same time results in a loss of a lot of eyelash hair unnecessarily. Studies conducted at the various American laboratories show that this also inhibits the growth of the lashes.

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