9 Ways to be More Attractive to Men

Ways to be More Attractive to Men

Have you set your eyes on the most handsome guy you’ve ever met in all these years? Wondering how you can get him to ask you out on a date? Want to know some tips to get any guy swooning at your heels and begging you for a romantic rendezvous? Check out these tips to be more attractive to men.

1. Dress with style

Whichever your body type, choose your outfit carefully. If you doubt your fashion sense, ask a friend to pick the classiest clothes for you. Wear clothes that flatter your curves. Guys get easily attracted to women who dress with style and sophistication. Go the elegant way!

2. Shower smiles

Smiling truly is the best way to a man’s heart. Twinkling eyes and a smiling face can draw eyeballs in an instant. Guys feel more confident and comfortable and they may actually come up to you and strike up a conversation if you have an easy smile.

3. Be a social butterfly

Who knows you’ll find a perfect guy for yourself just by hanging out with common friends? Get active on social networking sites and put yourself out there. Sign up for an online dating site and connect with other singles. Go out on a date and see if you actually hit it off!

4. Shape up your body

Being fit is a double gift. A healthy mind and healthy body! Tone up those flabby muscles and melt any guy’s heart in a jiffy. So, hit the gym or just your local jogging tracks to shape up quick. Jogging, swimming, cycling, dance and similar exercises can amplify those sultry curves.

5. Mark your presence with a perfume

Light, flowery, fresh scents can add that sensuous touch to your persona. Charm your guy with a signature perfume that he’ll learn to associate with you even when you’re not around. Leave a lasting impression with a lingering aroma.

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