4 Tips to Make People Want to be Around You

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How to make people want to be around you?

Not many of us are born to be leaders. But, equipped with the right skills, you can easily make people want to be around you. Just stick to the following tips to boost up your personal magnetism manifold.

1. Be presentable

No matter who you are, if you want to find people around you, you need to be presentable and confident. People should feel from within that they can shoulder on you even during tough times. Once they get the feel that you are really dependable, they will consider you as their pillar of support. An insecure person will surely find him/herself deserted. Personal hygiene too plays a prominent role. Make sure that body odor, bad breath and cheap cologne are all avoided like the plague.

2. Be a good friend

Naturally, people like to spend more time with those who emit positive energy. Those who consider people around them as ‘good eggs’, even if they may all be ‘slightly cracked’ will be more fun to associate with. It is important to suppress the urge to gossip about others behind their back. Also, being polite enough to join the crowd, whether it is gaming, dancing or just talking, effectively lets out the signal that you are approachable and fun to be with.

3. Reach out

As you go around meeting people, ensure that you do not walk too fast, much ahead of them, as they may not follow you. If you walk too slowly, they may all overtake you and you will find yourself isolated. You need to know their pace and walk along with them. This way, you will be able to make them feel unique and special.

4. Never make fun of others

When was the last time your sentiments were wounded, while amidst a crowd? Yes, you shudder at the very thought of it and how deeply it hurt! This is how others too feel like when they get insulted by you. Never say anything hurtful even to the closest of friends. It is foolish to think that knowing a person for quite a long time is your license to mess around with them. Humility is always appreciated.

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