4 Ways Your Cell Phone May be Ruining Your Love Life

4 Ways Your Cell Phone May be Ruining Your Love Life

When phones first were invented, it felt like the world shrunk suddenly and it was seen as something like a miracle that people could talk to each other even over long distances over an instrument. But over the years, there have been so many advances in technology and so many more features have been added to the phone that they have become smaller and more efficient. More features and better connectivity with internet also means that you spend more time on it. There are a million and over apps that can be downloaded, games played and people can be reached with messages that for many, the phone seems to be a better alternative than actually meeting people in person. This addiction to cell phones can play havoc and maybe ruining your love life too. Here is how.

1. You spend more time on your phone than on your date

You are out on a date in an amazing place or a wonderful restaurant and instead of savoring the ambience and your partner; you are busy updating your location on Facebook using your cellphone. Sometimes you will also be caught trying to find out more about the place suing apps like Yelp than actually finding out for yourself how the place is. This spoils your date and can also irritate your boyfriend or partner.

2. You are busy texting when you can spend time talking with each other

Texting has become so addictive and an easy way to keep in touch with friends that you would be busy texting your friends when you can spend time with your boyfriend and talk so much more. Nothing would anger your boyfriend, husband or partner more than you spending time on your phone when you are with them. This can have some serious repercussions on your love life.

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