Reasons Why Girls Rock

Reasons Why Girls Rock

Biologically and psychologically, girls have some innate traits that are tough to separate from their personality. And it is because of these traits that girls rock. Women have the exceptional ability to support, protect and produce life; not the attributes that are meant for most or all men.

1. Girls are better performers

Several researches have proved that girls have far exceeded the boys in performing exceptionally well in the field of education. Studies have shown that dropouts in school are more common with boys than with girls.

2. Girls live life to the fullest

Boys of today are beginning to get more glued on to technology and gadgets at a very young age. This deprives them of the childhood they should be rightfully getting. The habit grows on them even stronger as they mature into men. Technology continues to remain their priority making them blind to finer and varied aspects of life. Women are not so single dimensional. There are many things they appreciate and hence relish life to its fullest at every stage.

3. Girls look good even when they don’t fuss over themselves

It is a universally accepted fact that girls and women are more beautiful and can look gorgeous even with disheveled hair, no makeup and casual clothes. Most men except the one the woman is crazily in love with, tend to look terrible in such a form.

4. Girls can share their feelings

Girls can discuss their life and other issues with other girls or even boys without thinking twice that they would be ridiculed. For a boy, discussing issues is always an ego crusher and they need to think a million times before opening their mouth.

5. Girls look good even when funny

Any kind of jumping or monkeying around will pass off for a beautiful dance when the girl does it. In the case of a boy, he gets branded suitably.

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