4 Tips on How to Fade Jeans

4 Tips on How to Fade Jeans

Denim is a very versatile concept. Batter and destroy and it would still look fashionable. People have tried new dimensions and looks for the humble jeans and not one has pushed the wrong buttons ever. Faded jeans are always in vogue. And if you are looking at DIY, here are some tips to get you started.

1. Don’t wash it

Unwashed denim best prepares the ground for fading. If you have purchased a new pair of jeans, keep wearing them for as long as you can without washing them. With time and wear and tear, the jeans will begin to lose some of its blue color from ridges for the perfect worn out look. Eventually, at some time, you have to wash them and when you do so; make sure you dry them out in the sun rather than using a machine dryer for the purpose. This way the worn out look is better achieved.

2. The power of lemons

Lemon juice has been identified as a powerful component for fading denims. Also, the absence of chemicals makes it safer than that of bleach. First, soak the jeans in water and wring to remove excess water. Fill a bucket with a quart of lemon juice and leave the jeans soaked in it for as long as you observe fading. Dry the jeans in the sun and then rinse with water. Doing this once may not fetch results as you expect. But you can repeat the process for as long as you get the desired shade.

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