10 Tips For Newly Weds

Ten Tips For Newly Married Couples

Marriage isn’t easy. It is no bed of roses without thorns. Meeting your partner for at the most 4 or 5 hours a day is a different thing and living with that person day and night, under the same roof, is different. Differences in opinions, lifestyles, cultures and beliefs can often be the cause of conflicts among couples. It is important to be prepared about what to expect from a marriage and learn to make your marriage a fairly tale. These 10 tips are addressed to the female audience. They can be read vice-versa.

1. Always respect your husband

Unless you respect him, you cannot expect him to respect you. Respect refers to listening to him, standing up for him, talking about him with respect. Never belittle him in front of others and as far as possible trying not to say hurtful words to him, in case an argument arises.

2. Stay faithful

Infidelity is the worst crime you could ever commit. Unfaithfulness can never be forgiven. Once trust is broken, it is very difficult to win trust again. Never ever cheat on your husband.

3. Share everything with him

Don’t dump all the work on your him or he will begin to feel like a housekeeper. Divide the work equally. Or the two of you could even do it together! Sounds like a romantic idea, right? This way, the two of you will also get to spend more time with each other. This also applies to personal matters. Don’t keep secrets from your husband. Telling him what is in your mind will make him feel closer to you.

4. Make him your priority

The day the two of you got married, your souls became one. Hence, you should always give him first priority. Value him more than you would value your family or friends. When you do that, you’ll soon turn into his universe.

5. Wave goodbye to ego

Relationships does not grow in the presence of ego. Ego stunts the growth. In due course of time, it replaces love and care with frustration and animosity. Hence, in order to prevent a calamity, it’s best to keep your ego outside your sweet little home.

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