4 Steps to Do Makeup for Teenage Girls

4 Steps to Do Makeup for Teenage Girls

Remember how as a little girl you used to sneak your way in your mother’s room, find her makeup kit and apply lipsticks, blush et al to your face and then flaunt yourself in front of everyone? But the point is that when you are in your adolescence, the craze about makeup is more than ever. But then as adolescents there is the problem of limited access to cosmetics, acne prone skins, etc. So here are the steps to do makeup for all you teenage girls out there, that would help you to make the best use of the limited resources you have and also keep the various skin ailments at bay.

1. Choose the right product

As teens our skin is at the greatest risk of acne flaring up. Thus it is best that you use organic or mineral makeup cosmetic products. These products are free of any harmful chemicals and thus are subtle on your skin. Apart from this they are also known not to clog your pores, thus your skin can breathe freely.

2. Keep the innocence

The best part of your face while you are a teen is its innocence. Thus it’s best to maintain that look and try to keep the foundation subtle. However if you want to cover the marks of your acne then there are various options in the forms of concealers which will help you to even out your skin tone.

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